Steve Hammond

I grew  up in Sheboygan and after graduating joined the Army as a helicopter mechanic for 7 years. When I got out, I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my massage career. I was fortunate to work in a variety of areas (resort spa, out-call and a chiropractor office). In 2011, I moved back to Wisconsin to Madison where I starting working for a local franchise. When 2013 came around, I saw an opportunity to open my open massage clinic in Sun Prairie. This began Evolve Massage.

I like to focus on treatments towards therapeutic. I enjoy working with people with injuries and chronic pains, doesn't mean I can't do the relaxation massage. 

Jen Ramos

Originally from northern Canada, Jen has lived in the Madison on and off for about 20 years. She got inspiration from her grandmother, who is a massage therapist. Jen is a graduate of the therapeutic massage therapy course from Madison College. She looks forward to working with our clients to help them with their aches and pains. 

Andrea Timon

I believe in listening to the body, whether it's whispering or throwing an big ol' tantrum. It is the only possession we can be assured of keeping our entire lives and so deserves our utmost care and attention. I have studied bodies both clinically and holistically and am thrilled to now begin working with them through massage. I do relaxation, therapeutic, and deep tissue work and have experience in working with/around injuries.




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