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Our mission at Evolve Massage is not only to provide top rated massage but to provide an experience. We will do our best to help you reach your wellness goals, regardless if it's pain relief, injury recovery or to relax.

When Evolve Massage was first envisioned, Steve had already worked in many areas of the massage industry. He questioned why there’s such a separation between relaxation (spa), therapy (clinic) and affordability (franchise).

Steve believed there should be a middle ground where you can receive a therapeutic massage in a relaxing environment at a price point that’s affordable.


Steve started by building the perfect team. He surrounds himself with massage therapists that share his vision and possess the skills needed to provide a quality massage.


Then came atmosphere: calming music, lighting, and diffused essential oils are used to provide a relaxing environment. During sessions: heat packs, steamed towels and an eye pillow are applied to relieve stress/anxiety and release muscles.


Next, providing therapy: before each session, therapists sit with the you to learn of any troubled areas and any specific goals. These goals can be anything from pain relief, injury recovery or just relax. We want to make sure the massage is customized to you because, well it’s your session.


Lastly affordability: we track competitor’s prices to make sure we stay competitive and we don’t charge extra for deep tissue massage or the additional add-ons like the heat pack and steamed towels.

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